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Welcome to the Web 4.0

Internet is not an unknown or new thing to the whole human race. Most of us are using internet since we were very young. But we actually saw very different forms of internet through our online journey, didn’t we? Internet started from where you only could read (which is considered web 1.0 or the read only web ) content other people could create and you couldn’t interact with the content very well.

Then, we had another “version” of the web, where the interactive media became important, search engines considered rewards and penalties for the contents and even governments had to consider laws and regulations for the communications and content creation to protect people’s online safety and privacy.

But the blockchain technology, changed everything. It introduced another version of the web, where people could experience real decentralized internet as advertised. Although it’s still not completely accessible through most of the modern web browsers and for gaining the access, you might have to use an add-on or plugin on your browser, it gained a huge popularity and even introduced new jobs and titles for people such as NFT artists or traders.


But what is the Web 4.0?

With the rise of Generative AI tools such as GPT-3 and Stable Diffusion and similar tools, our online life will be changed significantly. These tools are great, but they are strong foundations for our new age of internet which we’d like to call Cognitive Web or Web 4.0 for short. This new web will utilize AI tools to make a better experience on search, social networking, content creation and even validation of the news or rumors.

All those tasks will be done easily and your online experience will become much better comparing to older versions of the web. This is why this web is called Cognitive Web. We’re using cognitive science and tools made on top of the cognitive science ideas to make the world a better place for real.

And yes, we basically are building a New Internet but it won’t need any new connection equipment, any add-ons or plugins or any permissions from anyone. You use the web as is, with all these new tools.